Silver Airways Announces Plan to Hire Up to 200 Pilots in 2022

Silver Airways Launches Pilot Hiring Initiative to Meet Demands of Expansion of Passenger Service and Launch of its Regional Air Cargo Operations

Acceleration of Growth

Silver Airways has resumed its ATR expansion plan, temporarily halted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The growth plan includes the replacement of its Saab 340 operations in the Caribbean as well an expansion to new passenger and cargo markets, accelerating the growth of the ATR fleet. In 2022 Silver intends to hire up to 200 pilots.

  • Expanded Hiring Incentives for Pilots
  • Re-Initiation of Emerging Aviator Program
  • Addition of 10 or more ATRs expected in 2022

As part of the hiring goal, Silver has re-launched its successful entry-level cadet program, Emerging Aviators, and will begin immediately hiring Direct Entry Captains while also directly hiring ground and simulator Instructors. Captain Charles Osborne commented, “Silver Airways is an amazing place to work. It has all the qualities for a bright future.”



Intensified Pilot Hiring and Retention Incentives 

During the pandemic, Silver Airways recognized the importance of maintaining its competitive position within the industry levels and ratified a 5-year contract for its pilots that increased starting pay and enhanced benefits such as health insurance and retirement savings. Silver Airways offers a bonus of $17,000 to newly hired pilots, and a high season bonus paid to all pilots every September, currently $4,000 that increases $4,500 in 2023.  Silver Airways also sponsors ATP-CTP training, which includes lodging, transportation and per diem, for pilots who meet the minimum qualifications. 




Emerging Aviator Program

To accelerate the acquisition of pilots in 2022 and beyond, Silver Airways has re-established its ‘Emerging Aviator’ Program launched in 2018, which includes multiple entry points specifically designed to cultivate a meaningful relationship with each pilot candidate prior to joining the airline as a First Officer.  The first entry point, ‘Initial Approach’ starts as early as a pilot achieving 250 hours of flight time with a commercial pilot certificate and instrument rating. 

Accomplished pilots who have logged more than 1,000 hours of flight time but less than 1,450 are welcome to join the Emerging Aviator program at the ‘In Range’ phase. Silver Airways offers up to $5,000 so aviators can reach FAA minimum requirements.  Pilots also receive paid ATP-CTP training with transportation and housing included. 

Pilots who have logged 1,450 hours total time or are qualified for the Restricted-ATP (R-ATP) are ‘Cleared Direct’ for paid ATP-CTP training.


Delivery of New Aircraft

In December 2021, Silver Airways took delivery of two factory-new ATR 42-600 aircraft, bringing its passenger fleet to eleven aircraft, with further significant fleet growth planned for 2022.